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We take sandwiches seriously at Bluebag.

Bluebag - About Us

Over the years we have built this business relying on 2 main factors: the freshness of our ingredients and the quality of our work. In order to achieve this we don’t rely on outsourcing our prep, gas flushing our packaging or buying in preservative laden meats.

Here today, gone today.

To give our customers the best and freshest product we empty our sandwich & baguette fridges every day – we’d rather give this product to charity than sell it the next day. This is an important point of difference between our products and the pre-packaged offer common to convenience stores and petrol stations. You can taste the difference.

I would encourage you to try our offer, either at one of our cafes or through our catering service that delivers catering to many companies in the CBD of Melbourne and beyond.

Let me know if it’s not the freshest, yummiest product you’ve ever had…

Jo Volk General Manager – jovolk@bluebag.com.au